Company Spotlight: What to expect when you see a post with “Company Spotlight” at the beginning…..

The goal behind my “Company Spotlight” posts is to go beyond the trips and the products. I want to bring my readers in to the company itself, to learn about who they are and what they stand for, to create the connection between potential buyers with reputable companies. I always set out to find companies who’s employees are just as great as their products. These days we unfortunately find a mass of the country working jobs they don’t want to. Continually watching the clock tick by, looking at the days of the work week as golden stars that earn that prize of the weekend. So when I find a company with an owner that is involved and employees that are engaged, it leads to products and ideas influenced by passion. In these spotlights I will provide you with an in depth look at the company and individuals behind it. New products are in one day and gone the next but good people with one goal of creating the best they can, is hard to come by and leaves a lasting impression.

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