Explore: To the Tetons and the discovery of 3V Gear



       You know those individuals who are always picking up a new magazine, opening a new article, or constantly browsing the internet for the next best thing from the top name brands? Sadly, yet at the same time comfortably, I will admit that I was and in some instances still am one of those guys. I used to buy all the name brands because I believed that they would be the best in the market and they would hold up. Now don’t get me wrong, I put my gear through its paces. Whether through work or through play, and some of those name brands just didn’t hold up. They tore and threads consistently came loose. So I began my search for a new company that was not only priced well, but had a variety of items to choose from.

       I came upon 3V Gear on social media and began scanning through their images which then led me to their website. The reasoning behind looking into new bags went beyond my unsatisfactory results with some other brands. I needed some bags and water sources for my girlfriend and I on our upcoming road trip/expedition. The plan was to start at home here in the Greater LA area and drive up to Grand Tetons National Park and then down to Zion National Park in Utah and then return home. After looking at their products I realized that 3V Gear was actually right in Salt Lake and just so happened to be on my way up to Northern Utah. I gave the team a call and asked if there was a way for me to come in and take a look at what they have in person and buy directly from the source. They happily acknowledged that I could stop by and we agreed to meet on the 10th of August.

Fast forward to that date, we loaded up my 4Runner and began our trek to the 3V Gear headquarters. Upon our arrival I was greeted by a man named Kirk in the parking lot. Unbeknownst to us the man we were asking for directions for was one of the key people behind 3V Gear. We introduced ourselves and discussed what we were looking for, what the bags would be put through, and some random talk in between. We were able to handle all of their bags and try them on to see how they fit. We finally agreed upon a Bandit Hydration Pack in Foliage Grey for my girlfriend and the Velox II with water bladder in Coyote for myself. As we were talking Kirk mentioned their new duffel bags which they had just received and it caught my attention. Kirk grabbed their new Smuggler Duffel Bag in both a 60L size and an 85L size. Needless to say I had to purchase both of these duffel bags.

Dropping by the 3V Gear Headquarters

Now, onto the trip itself and what the bags were put through. We transferred all of our clothes from a bag in the 4Runner to the Smuggler Duffel Bags and threw them onto the roof rack. These duffel bags were put through more of a test than the Velox or the Bandit as they were strapped to the roof for over 2,000 miles and through rain, smoke, serious trails, and moist mornings. Our clothes remained dry, smell free, and dirt free the entire trip. This spoke volumes to us in terms of their durability. As for the Bandit and Velox, they were used for our hikes in both the Tetons and Zion National Park. My girlfriend kept her pack light with the water bladder and some sunscreen. As for my Velox, I am always prepared and packed for any situation especially when we we’re out on the trail. I packed the water bladder, med kit, fire starter, and some other small items. I have to say this bag was extremely comfortable. I am a bigger guy, 6 ft 220lbs., so some bags get uncomfortable over time while hiking, but I never had that issue with the Velox II. We hiked through the canyons of the Tetons and did Angels Landing in Zion and didn’t have a single incident.

Dropping by the 3V Gear Headquarters

At the end of the day we all search for a great product for a great price. Many times we fall for the name of the brand and not the quality of the product and that all came to an end when I found and used the products from 3V Gear. A great product that is priced perfectly and a team behind the product that makes the whole process truly enjoyable. So thank you to the team at 3V Gear for your help, especially Kirk. You have earned our business and high praises for many years to come.

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