Company Spotlight: Pro Eagle Products


Today, I bring to y’all Pro Eagle Products and the man/team behind the vision/product that is changing the way the industry looks at jacks. I was made aware of the company by my friend and fellow off road enthusiast, Bernie Chacon. He goes by @milkteacoma on Instagram. I was at his house one day, drooling over his truck as I tinkered on mine, and he started mounting this mean looking jack with these large wheels and a plate that stabilizes the jack off road if in loose dirt. The quality was beyond any jack I have ever seen. Bernie and I got to talking and eventually he helped start the conversation between Pro Eagle and I on social media. A few weeks went by and I attended the Lucas Oil Offroad expo and just so happened to be in a booth right across from Pro Eagle. So I decided to walk on over and meet the man I have been having brief conversations with the past few weeks. A week later, I visited the Pro Eagle warehouse to pickup my own “The Beast” Big Wheel jack and was able to steal Chuck away for a short while to get an in depth look into Pro Eagle Products. Hope y’all enjoy.

T: So Chuck, lets start off with the simple question, Who is Pro Eagle? 


C:Pro Eagle is a brand of Austin International. We are a private label manufacturer. Pro Eagle was born when I started with the company 6 years ago and had ideas for cool products and took them to our current customers. When they laughed and said they wouldn’t work, we created our own brand and did it ourselves. I was raised in the off road racing world and have worked in the Automotive Aftermarket for MANY years. I created the Pro Eagle jack and used my success in motorsports and relationships to get the jack in the hands of racers. They have helped with R&D and building brand awareness. (Proven on the race track so that it works flawless in the garage)  

T: What is the meaning behind the name ? 

C: Our factory (we own the manufacturing facility) is named Eagle Pro. In English it means Pro Eagle. It was named WELL before my time here so I just went with it.

T: When was it that you noticed their needed to be a change in the industry?

C: I came up in a time of two choices, Farm jacks (HiLift) or Craftsmen / Harbor Freight. One is a scary option but readily used. The floor jack options didn’t work in the dirt so we would purchase kits or fabricate skid plates and extensions. After hours of fabrication and hundreds invested into materials, you had a jack that worked well in the dirt but was now a $400-$500 jack that had no warranty and could not be used in the garage, where 99% of the work is done because it no longer rolled and was too tall to fit under the wife’s Honda. Nobody was doing an out of the box solution that would work in ALL environments so, I decided to do it myself.

T: If you were to describe your company in three words what would they be?

C: Proactive. Interactive. Enthusiastic


“The Beast” Big Wheel Jack

T: So I am currently running your product that is appropriately named “The Beast” which is your Big Wheel Off Road jack. I must say its the best tool I have in the rig. We all know the dangers and unreliability that Hi-Lifts can have and it was a breath of fresh air and intrigue when I heard of your jack. But I see that you also offer a wide variety of products outside of the “The Beast.”  What are some of the other products that you continually push out that is adding creativity to the field?

C: I initially wanted to offer products that complimented the jacks. Items people would use in conjunction with. I have friends and connections with other manufacturers and they were happy to help with Pro Eagle branded products for me to offer to our customers. Gloves and recovery gear go hand in hand with jacks. That stuff does ok but the jacks are what we are known for. We have many different colors and styles of jacks now and it seems to be what we should focus on the most.

T: What is it that makes your company/product stand out above the rest?


C: We are 100% unique. THere is nothing available out of the box that is even similar to what we offer. We listen to our customers and make changes and improvements when we can. I am an enthusiast myself but forming relationships with uses has made Pro Eagle what it is today.

T: As I’m sure you are noticing, the outdoor/overland community is growing at a rapid rate with people from all walks of life, what is it that Pro Eagle is doing to make the road less traveled easier when an issue arises?


C: The Overland market is a whole new world for us. Off road racing gave us credibility but the off road market in general is SO much bigger than racing. The need is the same from a Trophy Truck in Baja to a Tacoma in Moab. Lifted + wheeltravel + broken parts = how do I get my truck high enough to work on it. The best, easiest, safest solution is Pro Eagle. We offer a true one stop shop with the jack and vehicle mount taking all of the effort out of it for the consumer. Its truly plug and play.

T: Can you describe your available platforms?

C: We offer a standard wheel 2 ton, big wheel 2 ton and big wheel 3 ton. All of them come with a built in skid plate, 8″ adjustable extension with attachment so it won’t get lost. We offer a vehicle mount for every style and every jack comes with a 2 year no questions asked warranty.

T: SEMA is coming up, is it to soon for me to ask what you have in store? 

C: We will be launching our new 3 ton jack at SEMA 2017. It is a completely new design. I asked myself “why does a jack have to look like a jack?” The answer was, it doesn’t! The old design has a purpose in the car world. They need to be low and fit far enough under to reach a pickup point on a low car. We don’t have that issue in the off road world so I added some style to it.

We also will debut a new off road light mount for those looking to run aftermarket lights on their truck or SUV without replacing bumpers or making major modifications. Our mount has a track system where the mounts slide to any position the user wants and tightens into place.

T: What is your goal with the company and where do you ultimately want to see it?


C: The goal is to land a large warehouse distributor to help us grow and still maintain that personal touch that has gotten us to the point we are at today.


T: I think one of the most important pieces to the design of a new product is the test phase. If you don’t test your products, how do you know its limitations? So how do you test your products ?

C: The products I design and build are products I need myself. I use friends and family in the off road industry to use and abuse them and make them better. I am heading to the Baja 1000 in a few weeks with a team I help and we will put the jacks through their paces and take notes along the way.

T: Any planned events that you are attending where people can stop by and meet the team?


C: SEMA is the next event, Baja 1000 and the Arizona Expo in December. I hope to do more in 2018.

T: Any people throughout this venture of yours that you would like to thank? 


C: Oh man! I can’t single out too many because everyone has been great. I think the RPI race team, SCORE Class 1 champions, were my first big team that I worked with and they really helped a ton in R&D as well as building brand awareness. My sister helps at all of my shows and events and does it 100% voluntarily. Everyone that has purchased one and has helped make it a “cool product” and sends me pictures for social media. Even the haters have been good. They give me more reason to push harder.

T: Chuck, thank you for your time. Cant thank you enough for the support the last few months. For those interested in your products, what is the best way for them to reach you/your team?

Our website, give me a call and I will talk anytime or simply stop by. I love chatting with people and learning more about what you do. It helps me to build things that make your life easier.


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